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Winter Patio Tips

As the nights get longer and the days get colder, the vibrant Edmonton Patio scene dwindles and it gets harder and harder to enjoy some Patio hangs.

But all is not lost! Finding some great Patio vibes in the middle of an Alberta winter can be as enjoyable as a sun soaked July afternoon!

Never be afraid to ask an establishment if they would be willing to open their Patio for you. Most times they have a reason or 2 for not being able to, but sometimes, if you find the right place, you can add a wonderful Patio adventure to your winter.

This is a list of a few spots in the Edmonton Area that are committed to that Patio lifestyle.


This lively Patio in the French Quarter of the Bonnie Doon neighbourhood may be the most dedicated to Patio action. They proudly proclaim that if it's above -10, the Patio is fair game!

Equipped with blankets, toasty overhead heaters and crackling fireplaces, Cafe Bicyclette have winter Patioing down to a science.

TIP: For an Patio experience that you don't want to miss, the Flying Canoe Volant festival takes place Feb 2 and 3, 2018. The French Quarter becomes alive and is a great time for young and old!


It seems like this bright restaurant was built for maximum sun intake! On beautiful, summer days, Local is able to open their walls and retract the roof to allow in magnifcant golden rays. However, this setup works great on warmer, sunny, winter afternoons.

Sunlight floods through the clear glass walls and drenches the wood grain and anyone else who chooses to bask in the glow of the winter star.

Tip: The "Winter Patio" is usually open on the warmer summer days but I would advice a quick phone call first to make sure that your Patio thirst can be quenched. (780-417-3182)


I really hope that "indoor winter Patios" become a trend! We were pleasantly suprised to stumble upon this setup last winter.

The sun is able to shine through the tall windows that surround this area while the heaters overhead keep the chill out. Equipped with sociable picnic tables and a TV for watching the game, this is a fun spot to stop for an afternoon drink.


Talk about the perfect indoor Patio! Browns provides one of my favourite Patios all year round. They keep their Patios filled with brightly coloured "plants" and maximum sunshine.

The welcoming gas fireplace and relaxing seating options make these Patios a great hang no matter what the weather looks like outside.

Tip: In our experience, there is not always a waitress serving the "Patio" but we have never had a problem getting a drink from the bar and then retreating to enjoy the cozy atmosphere.


Some other great spots that are dedicated to Patio action and will sometimes open their Patios on warmers days:

If you have a favourite Winter Patio, please share it with us so that we can take it for a little test ride!

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