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East Coast Vibes

Atlantic Trap And Gill

-On a hot late August evening we decided to head down to the Trap and Gill to take advantage of the sweet wing deal.  

When we showed up we were told that the Patio wasnt open because it was "dusty" but after some mild convincing, the waitress agreed to unlock the Patio and allow us to soak up some Edmonton sunshine.

Just a couple blocks south of Whyte, this place is a great little hideaway and offers a real east coast feel.  Enjoy the playlist filled with Great Big Sea and Tragically Hip.

Wings Wednesday is great! 40 Cent wings and these are some helfty servings!   Service was fine and prices are decent.

Patio Ambiance: 5/10

Staff and Service: 7/10

Food and Drink: 9/10

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