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Central Social Hall- Jasper Ave

New Patio opening you say!? Oh ya, Ill be there! 

Central Social Hall had some obstacles to work with being that the restaurant backs onto a big hill, so I was definitely curious to see what they would be able to do for the Patio.  It turned out great!  The 3 tiered Patio sits on the hill and overlooks bustling Jasper Ave.  Lots of great colors and of course, plenty of sleek wood grain.

The happy hour specials are incredible! $2.75 for Coors Banquet is not a price you find very often.  Happy hour is 3-6 and then they do $4 pints from 9-close!

Tried out the house made chips and dip and Jerrys dry ribs and they were both tasty. 

Waitresses were new but were trying their best to keep up.

Great spot to check out downtown.

Ambiance: 9/10

Staff and Service: 7/10

Food and Drink: 8/10

ONE CHANGE: The open west facing walls are nice to let a draft through but its definitely a breezy location.  Perhaps a bit of a plexiglass border or even a couple mature trees to block the wind would be ideal.

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