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Sherlocks Downtown!

 Sherlock Holmes Pub Downtown- 10012 101A ave

Patios should take notes from Sherlocks!  The bright colours and climbing vines add a really unique touch that have me falling in love with this Patio every time I stop by.  Located right in the core of downtown, this vibrant location has become one of my favourite Patios in Edmonton.

We stopped in the other night to have a meal with some friends who were visiting from Vancouver.  SOL was on special for 5 bucks a bottle and the waitress kept them coming in a timely fashion.  I had always heard about the food here but never had the Pizza before.  I think I'm addicted now.  The meatlovers za was out of this world!  

I know it probably sounds like I'm getting paid to write this, but I am really just a huge fan of how this Patio is run. I will definitely be back and I really hope other Patios take note of this gem and try to emulate it.

Ambience: 9/10

Food and Drink: 9/10

Staff and Service: 9/10

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