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Brewsters Oliver Square 11620 104 Ave NW

Craving a Patio Burger so we decided to head down to Oliver Square and soak up some golden rays. Brewsters really draws you in with the sunny, west facing Patio that is filled with various seating options. The new renovations inside really add to the modern feel!

The one benefit about being surrounded by a parking lot is that there is nothing to block the sun. Sunny all afternoon and evening!

Rhaspberry Beer and Patios are made for each other and the Brewsters Burger hit the spot. Service was fantastic on the Patio and we will definitely be back!

Ambience: 6/10

Food and Drink: 8/10

Staff and Service: 9/10

ONE CHANGE: Adding some flowers inside the Patio would really help create a relaxing atmosphere and make you forget out the busy parking lot.

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