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The Rec Room South

The Rec Room South -1725 99st

Sunny Covered Patio! Stopped by for a few drinks before a comedy show at The Rec Room. This Patio is really great. Covered and enclosed so its easy to enjoy it even when the weather isn't great.

When we showed up the garage door windows were closed but the attentive waitress gladly opened them for us and the Patio became alive! Being a west facing Patio, the sun shines onto the sleek, upscale tables all afternoon. Lots of greenery throughout the space and also some TVs with the baseball game on.

Music was great and the craft beer selection was decent. Bacon covered Popcorn chicken is worth a try. A great Patio to check out. (there is a Roof Top Patio overhead that wasn't open yet but we were told that it will be opening soon)

Staff and Service: 9/10

Food and Drink: 7/10

Ambience: 8/10

ONE CHANGE: Disappointing that there are no drink specials. Having a daily beer special is a great idea to bring people to your Patio.

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