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State & Main- Jasper Ave is made for people watching!

State and Main- 10065 Jasper Ave

This Patio is a great spot to pull up onto a picnic table and take in the downtown atmosphere! During a sunny Saturday afternoon of Patio picture taking, we decided to try out this beauty and were not disappointed. The sights and sounds of downtown were on full display while we enjoyed some tall cans and great food. Even though service was slow, I got the Alberta Bison burger and it was cooked perfectly. My wife, Cristina, had the Eggs Benny brunch special and they hit the spot. Definitely a fun vibe and we will be coming back!

Ambience: 7/10

Staff and Service: 6/10

Food and Drink: 9/10

ONE CHANGE: They had some good tunes playing in the background but the volume was so low it was drowned out by the traffic. To make this Patio a little more lively, I recommend turning the volume knob a couple clicks higher.

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